Monday, February 6, 2017

Cheers to Breaking up with My Bae, Sallie Mae!

As planned, I officially became debt-free on Thanksgiving Day(!!!).

Over the course of my pay-off journey, so many people asked me what I would do to celebrate and my answer was always, “PARTY!” So, party I did; on December 9th, in-between all of the holiday craziness, I hosted some of my closest friends at my home in Nashville. The name of the party was, “Cheers to Breaking up with My Bae, Sallie Mae!”, and the theme was obviously money. The night was filled with tons of chocolate gold coins, play money, Hundred Grand chocolate bars, mint cupcakes, confetti and champagne. I also had gigantic gold balloons that read 113K floating around the party. We drank and partied the night away listening to a playlist full of songs across all decades and genres about money such as: We Don’t Need No Education, If I Was A Rich Girl, All I Do Is Win, Workin’ 9 to 5, She Works Hard For The Money, and Bills Bills Bills.

2016 was a tad rocky for some folks, but in order to think about it on a positive note, I will forever remember it as the year I paid off my student loans. We are a little over 2 weeks into the new year, and I am already loving this new found freedom; there are still a lot of goals still to be completed, but with step one out of the way, they are seaming more and more possible. Cheers to all of the adventures ahead in 2017 :)